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June 21, 2017–3rd global day of yoga

   yoga is holistic! ‘yoga’ is a time period that has moved past the precincts of india to end up a global phenomenon. The word brings with it emotions of appropriate health, health and calmness of mind. It makes one photo an individual who has attained balance between the frame, mind and soul. This is a painting performed through me (priya), it depicts a person in meditation the phrase ‘yoga’ means ‘to unite’. It's miles a process through which we learn how to connect or unite the individual soul with the very best soul. For some human beings, yoga manner most effective the preparation of a few difficult physical workout routines or sitting in awkward poses. Physical exercising may be the most well-known or famous a part of yoga, however it is just the end of the iceberg. The cause to analyze yoga is ‘yog’ or union with the almighty. The indian high minister, narendra modi, even as addressing the united nations in september 2014, dwelled at the importance of yoga. He mooted the co